Production Facility at Dawood...

The processing unit has a capacity of producing around 4.0 million meters of white, print and dyed fabrics per month, and an equivalent stitching and rolling facility to meet that production. The plant is equipped with state of the art machinery to cater to wide range of weight, quality and width requirement of our customers.

Grey Fabric:

Dawood Exports (DE) deals in wide range of varieties from T-120 to T-600. We are working in all kinds of widths from different counts ranging from 4 to 100 Ne and 75 to 300 den counts in both carded and combed, Filament depending on customer requirements.

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DE is equipped with state of the art singeing and desizing machine, which is able to produce 200000 meters in 24 hours. The singeing machine is equipped with dual burner system that enables us to double singe the fabric at one time.

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Digital Creation:

DE has a fully computerized design studio where our team of highly dedicated and professionals ensure to bring forward finest designs or modify customer provided designs to please our customers.

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DE is equipped with two state of the art Reggiani rotary printing machines with 16 color positions and 3200 mm fabric width. We are able to achieve 60000 meters per 24 hours production from each of our machines.

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The dyeing section of our mill consists of two pass IR dyeing and Jigger dyeing. A continuous IR dyeing machine enables us to dye pastel and medium colors with total production of 25000 meters in 24 hours.

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Our unit is equipped with state of the art stenters range in 124 inches. These stenters are designed up to 8 drying chamber and manual & automatic weft straighter. These stenters enable us to offers wide range of finishes which can be adapted in accordance with customer requirement.

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Dawood exports unit is equipped with raising machines to our create flannel range. We have state of art raising machines with collective production of 6000 meters daily. We are making flannel in white, printed and dyed.


Dawood Export is equipped with two rolling machines on which can create a roll on tube from 27 to 500 meters. We are also doing bale packing in which a bale can vary from 300 to 1000 meters. We are also doing flat packing from 35 to 60 meters fabric on a cardboard. These packing are available as per customer requirements and satisfaction.

Power Generation:
DE is a captive power unit. We installed 100% in house captive facility with Genbacher and Cummins gas generator of 1.0 MW production capacity to fulfill our unit’s requirement. This step enabled us to meet our shipment schedule and proved main source of comfort to our valued customers. Keeping in view of recent gas shortages from local government, we have installed a back up system to run our production facility on alternative fuel.